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We decided to start a blog for our business.  Because we have been in business since 2003, we get ask for a lot advice and tips.  We will try to address some of that here or at least steer you toward a good answer.  Believe me, there are no one-size-fits-all answers to any business problem.  I can only tell you what worked for us.  

We will also highlight some of the products that we sell.  We just recently came back from the Dallas Market.  That place can give you product overload so we are not sure what exactly we will be bringing back to the shop to sell.  We will try to give you a preview when we do have something new coming.

We might also just highlight interesting stories that we have seen.  We want to start a dialog with not only our customers but with our vendors or anyone who might be interested and what we are talking about.  Whatever happens, I hope you will enjoy it.  

DUO loves our community!!!

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