Barisieur Black Coffee Maker

Barisieur Black Coffee Maker

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Your personal bedside barista. A tea & coffee brewing alarm clock that gently eases you into the day and wakes you up to the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee or tea. There is a mini-fridge integrated into the base to keep your milk fresh, a drawer to store coffee, tea or sugar with an integrated spoon. Set the Barisieur to brew a coffee 5 minutes before the alarm, on the alarm or 5, 10, 15 minutes after the alarm.

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Firstly to get the most out of your coffee, we suggest getting your hands on some freshly roasted coffee beans. What coffee origin or roast level you purchase will determine the taste and we suggest exploring different types to truly find the flavor that suits you best. When grinding your coffee we suggest a fine grind or as you would for filter coffee and lightly tap it down with the spoon provided. Grinding your coffee will ensure your coffee tastes fresh and you get the most flavor out of the bean.



We suggest using a 1:15 ratio. This will produce roughly 172ml of flavour packed coffee.

- 13g of coffee

- 200ml of water

- ratio 1:15

4.5 lb