CleanTray™ ToGo Rechargeable UV Light Sterilizer

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The CleanTray ToGo is a UV light sterilization case with a built-in battery so that you can clean your phone on-the-go. The UV rays safely kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. You can also use the CleanTray to disinfect your other daily items such as airpods, knives, jewelry, sunglasses, pacifiers and more. CleanTray ToGo can run through 75 cleaning cycles on a single charge. KILLS 99.9% OF GERMS & BACTERIA IN 5 MINUTES - 2x faster than other leading UV cases 75 CYCLES PER CHARGE - with a rechargeable battery and included charging cable 5,000 HOUR LIFESPAN - 5x longer than other UV cases FITS SMARTPHONES UP TO 7 INCHES - Plus other essentials like your keys, wallet, airpods, etc SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY - No toxic chemicals or paper waste byproducts PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - about the size of a book, weights less than 1lb SOFT-TOUCH CASE - made from polyester & PU lining for enhanced durability and premium feel