Keychain Aquaman Pop

$ 7.99

He surfs waves, and apparently, Parademons.

The sometimes drunk and a little unruly Aquaman obviously presents a few concerning issues. But, he's incredibly powerful, and therefore very necessary in the fight against invading space-deities.

Our Aquaman Justice League Movie Pocket Pop Keychain features a soft-vinyl caricature of actor Jason Momoa's Aquaman -- a very modern interpretation of the comic book sea-king presented in DC's cinematic superhero opus, Justice League. 

Measuring almost 2" high, this Aquaman keychain figure from Funko features detailed, golden Atlantean armor, and Arthur Curry's dependable, five-pronged "pentadent."

And yes, the figure gets all the attention, but it's a completely useable keychain that maintains its integrity hundreds of miles below sea level.

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