Keychain Batman Pop

$ 7.99

on't ever call him cute. As in, ever.

Batman is not one to be trifled with. Without any sort of muscle-enhancing exo-suit, Batman is already an unbeatable crime-fighting force. Mix in the exo-suit? Hive-mind bug-soldiers beware!

Our Batman Justice League Movie Pocket Pop Keychain features Batman in his Batman-enhancing Tactical Suit -- a helpful, light and powerful armor upgrade adorned during his Parademon-swatting exploits in the DC/WB superhero opus, Justice League.

Measuring nearly 2" high, this soft-vinyl Batman keychain from Funko reflects Batman's silver and black plating surrounding his sizeable Bat symbol. And yes, those handy spectrum-analyzing Owlman glasses are also present, and painstakingly painted.

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