Keychain Flash Pop

$ 7.99

He's never gone to battle. He just pushes people and runs away.

I'm paraphrasing, but yes, that's a line from DC's cinematic superhero opus, Justice League. You would think this endearing innocence the limit of his intrinsic cuteness, but our Flash Justice League Movie Pocket Pop Keychain just raised the bar.

Measuring 2" high, this soft-vinyl, figural Flash keychain sports his movie-specific fatigues complete with red plating, golden accents, and a teeny-tiny Flash bolt symbol.

And yes, the figure gets all the attention, but it really is a functioning keychain with a sturdy metal ring.

Played by actor Ezra Miller, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, really wants to make his new, unnaturally powerful social group proud.

However, if Batman said, "Sit this one out. We'll deal with the giant, scythe-wielding space-god," I'm sure Barry would happily nod in agreement.

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