Vinyl Figure "Wonder Woman"

$ 12.99

While seeking other Justice League figures to join your cause, the Wonder Woman Justice League Movie Funko Pop Vinyl Figure was very, very supportive.

She even said "yes" to Aquaman.

Measuring 4" high, this cute and collectible Wonder Woman figure presents Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman adorned with her slightly modified suit worn throughout DC Comics' superhero opus, Justice League.

Funko really delivers on the detail here. Let's break it down:

  • Red (pretend) leather torso armor indented with intricate linework!

  • Diana's blue-leather war-skirt accented in gold and secured by a "W"-shaped belt!

  • Wrapped leather gauntlets residing just underneath her magical, gold-trimmed bracers!

  • Knee-high leg-wear consisting of clasped red leather, golden boots, and leather-held knee guards!

  • A sword, the Lasso of Truth, and her trusty tiara set with a blazing 8-point star! 

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