Detox Lymph Sessions by D


Before                                         After

These customized serviced are designed to Detox, cleanse, and tone your body fat from the inside out.

Each session is personally designed for you to meet your health and wellness goals.


DUO Healing Caster Oil Massage

Caster oil is massaged into your stomach, legs, and feet.  Plastic wrap and a sauna belt is placed on your stomach for 20 minutes.  Your legs and feet are massaged while the oil is being absorbed.  Your stomach is massaged after the wrap. 



DUO Magnesium Massage

This helps to reduce inflammation, bloating, and pain.  It boost the immune system and aids in detoxification.



DUO Hail Damage Repair

This breaks down cellulite scar tissue, and smooths out lumps, bumps, and craters.  It helps with scar tissue, Fibromyalgia, plantar fascilitis, and Fibrosis. 



Pain Relief Massage

Addresses pain in the neck, back, legs, and feet.  Topical oils ( Castor, Emu, magnesium) mixed with BioFreeze, Arnica, and lidocaine are used to decrease pain and inflammation.



Red Light Therapy Massage

Red light is combined with a therapeutic massage.



DUO Under Arm Detox

Exfoliation is followed by an application of mud.  A wrap is applied for 30 minutes.  Finally a massage is given with pain and magnesium oil to flush they lymph system.



DUO Deep Detox

This is a deeply therapeutic detox that starts with  Ionic Detox Foot Session, DUO Magnesium Foot Soak and is completed with a 60 minute deep tissue massage.



DUO Magnesium Foot Soak


 This is a relaxing foot soak with DUO Magnesium Oil in the foot bath.  It is relaxing and aids in decreasing inflammation, decreases bloating and pain, and aids in boosting the immune system.



Castor Oil Massage + Stomach Wrap



Lymph Moving Massage



Red Light Session



Infra Red Detox Blanket



Detox Mud Wrap



Ionic Detox Foot Session



Ionic Detox Foot Session + Detox Mud Wrap



Deep Tissue Massage + Detox Mud Wrap



DUO Ionic Detox Foot Session with 30 minute Massage



DUO Ionic Detox Foot Session with 60 Minute Massage